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About Us

As long as we have an oppressive misogynist named Trump at the helm of our country, we will have Women Writers Against Trump.  As long as this oppressive misogynist has no tolerance for criticism and Freedom of Speech, we will have Women Writers Against Trump.  And, as long as humans normalize and support him and his administration, we will have Women Writers Against Trump.  

Women Writers Against Trump is a quarterly reading series based in Portland, Oregon, founded and curated by sister poets Allison Tobey and Chrys Tobey.  Women Writers Against Trump features women writers from Portland and around the world. The writers don't necessarily always read work about Trump, but work they find fitting for the theme of Women Writers Against Trump.  We strive to reach out to women with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

We believe women have been pitted against one another.  Women have been conditioned to criticize, dismiss, and view other women as competition.  And, right now it is imperative women support one another, in both small and large ways, and approach one another with compassion, empathy, and understanding.   Because when women join in solidarity, we create change.

Come join us.